Let the Robot do the hard work

and give yourself time to enjoy life


Wiper is a European engineered and manufactured brand.

Our team leaders have been trained by the manufacturer in Italy to ensure the highest standard possible.

The warranty period of each robot is covered by the manufacturer through our service centre in Sydney.



Our team from MOWTRONIC is working very hard to achieve the highest standard of service for you every time. Our services include:
  • Installation (Sydney area) and set up of robotic mower to your specification.
  • Customised programming of each robot.
  • Full service centre for updates, service and repair of all Wiper models.
  • Replacement of parts with originals.


The technology at your service.


A smart lawn mower, not just any.


A fleet of future media, each created for a specific purpose.


Let the robot do the hard work and give yourself the time to enjoy life.



Sydney Area

Contact: Roland Walzer

M: 0422 434 283

E: info@mowtronic.com