How we became Mowtronic.com

Our story with Lawn Robots started in 2010, when one day our backyard lawn started to control our leisure time again.

The lawn had been cut only a week ago and was due to be mowed again. It was a hot Saturday in Sydney and there I was in the back yard, pushing the noisy lawn mower around, inhaling the petrol fumes and dust. Other things around the house should have been done, as well as spending time with family & friends.

We decided that something had to change. Time was becoming a real issue with our busy lifestyles, so we investigated Robotic Lawn Mowers. After purchasing the WIPER BLITZ we realized that this was one of the best investments ever.

Our own desires had become reality so we would like to make this possible for you to own one of these fantastic garden helpers too.


We at Mowtronic have spent many hours researching and reviewing the items on this site in the hope that our Robotic Lawn Mower reviews posted in "News and worth knowing" will help consumers make informed decisions and purchases.

Mowtronic is working in partnership with NIKO, an Italian Company which happens to be one of the largest Robots production factories in Europe and has been producing and selling Robots for over 15 years.

We only recommend NIKO products that meet our criteria for value, reliability and overall quality.


Our Service Centre in Australia will provide you with all the required spare parts as well as technical information and help about the products.

Our trained and competent personnel will carry out all services to the Robots with direct feedback to the manufacturer, enabling them to improve the Robots in all areas for an even better Robot in the future.



Let the Robot do the hard work and give yourself time to enjoy life



Sydney Area

Contact: Roland Walzer

M: 0422 434 283

E: info@mowtronic.com