Benefits of buying a robotic lawn mower

Carbon footprint reduction

Your reliable Robot Lawn Mower is a faithful friend in helping protect our environment. It will not emit nasty emissions like traditional mowers that run on oil or petrol. Recent studies of exhaust fumes from petrol mowers found 26 different polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons which are carcinogenic chemicals, these included carbon monoxide, methane and nitrogen oxide. Mowing with a petrol mower will expose you to the risk of breathing in these toxic chemicals and cause irritation or even harm to your respiratory system. As well as harm to yourself, you are also causing great harm to our environment, and contributing to global warming, which is causing the severe climate changes we see today. We must take urgent action globally to help reduce gas emissions so we can avoid further damage to our planet, we can again all "do our bit" to clean up our atmosphere by cutting our energy consumption and reducing our carbon footprint.

Are robotic lawn mowers safe?

You're standing in your front yard minding your own business when a robot with one razor sharp blade spinning at 3,000 rpm starts racing toward you. What do you do?  

Is this some kind of nightmare?  No, you're awake and this is really happening so once again, what do you do? 

The answer is nothing.  It will just bounce off you and go another direction.  Rather anti-climatic ending wasn't it?  That is just the way the robotic lawn mower companies want it to be. 

The greatest concern most people have about robotic lawn mowers is safety.  Robotic lawn mowers with Blades just cant be safe. 

All Wiper mowers have so many safety features and shut-off triggers that it is amazing that they are actually functional. 

The Wiper mowers turn the blades off as soon as the handles are touched by hand. The gap from the ground to the mower is not even high enough to get a hand under.  Even if a small hand could get under, the blades are far back and protected by the sensors, mounting studs or wheels.It would take creativity, not stupidity, to get to the blades while they are still turning. 

Unlike push and riding lawn mower safety devices, robotic lawn mower features are not easily disabled.  The tilt detection devices are soldered on to the main boards.  Even the resistance against the blades and the ability of the software to stop them is measured in thousandths of seconds. 

Since these robotic lawn mowers are designed to mulch there is no easy outlet for flying debris.  Pebbles and pine cones do not get tossed very far and at low velocity. Projectiles like rocks, sticks and balls launched by traditional mowers result in a large number of serious injuries each year. As of the date of this page being created, there are no recorded emergency room visits at all related to robotic lawn mowers.

Some robotic lawn mowers have sonar detection systems that if any moving objects get close they will slow down and at another point stop the blade before even being touched. All have some sort of touch sensors that when they lightly bump into a stationary object that they change direction. So actually getting run over is unlikely. 

Another big concern is pets getting chopped to bits, again, no reported accidents involving robotic lawn mowers.  Dogs have a tendency to chase and bark but not attack.  A dog actually chewing up a robotic lawn mower is more feasible than a robotic lawn mower chewing up a dog. 

Robotic lawn mowers move relatively slow, people and animals can easily move out of the way.  Although it takes a lot longer to mow if everyone used them there would be fewer hospital visits this year.   

This article was written to educate people that robotic mowers under intended circumstances are safe.  There has been a great deal of thought and engineering involved to make robotic lawn mowers safe for public use. 

How do they work?

Most robotic mowers presently in production use a thin wire placed around the perimeter of the lawn to contain the mower. The lawn mowers follow it to provide an edge trim. Self charging models also follow the same wire to locate their docking station.

All of our mowers use standard household current to charge their batteries. Although a solar powered mower was available for a time, it proved to be less than efficient. The batteries themselves are Lithium Ion (like your cell phone). 

Lithium Ion has a good service life and does not tend to get weaker with age like lead acid batteries do but are more expensive. They are amazingly light. So light, in fact, they almost feel "empty" when you hold one. Their weight to available power ratio make them very efficient for robotic mowing because it takes power to haul the batteries around the yard. The Joy and Runner, both utilize these and have available space for additional cells to boost capacity.

Just a final word on Solar Power. We have investigated this and found it to be cost prohibitive for the average person to power their robot via the sun. However, it you have a special application or the funds to spare, we would be happy to assist you.

Which mower is best for you!

Deciding on the best mower is basically a logical decision process. They are all quality products. Garden size, the shape of the grass areas, the number and severity of grades and the existence of barriers such as fences all play a part in selecting a robotic lawn mower. In some cases, two different mower models have been put on the same property due to unusual requirements. In most cases installs are easy. If yours turns out to be a tough one, we are happy to help you to get it right.



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