Wiper mower product overview

Things to keep in mind when buying a Wiper Robotic Lawn Mower:


  • Select your Wiper by the lawn area to be mowed
  • Select your Wiper by the amount of areas to be mowed
  • Be mindful about uneven lawns
  • Wiper mowers become worthless in case someone tries to steal it
  • Wiper mowers are a robots to work the lawn

Wiper Blitz

The line of small and portable lawnmower robots, ready-to-use in a few minutes.

Four-wheel drive, an evolved sensor system which allows the robot to detect the grass area and obstacles without the use of a perimeter wire.

It can cover up to 800sqm, is able to handle slopes up to 50% thanks to it's four wheel drive system and is highly performing thanks to the lithium battery which assures long lasting operation.

The Wiper Blitz Line is ideal for holiday homes. It can be easily moved, is extremely silent and able to run even in very narrow spaces.

Finally, thanks to the ZGS sensors, the Wiper Blitz detects the edge of the area to mow even if you do not install a perimeter wire.

Moreover the model XK is equipped with an automatic recharge system which makes the robot completely independent.

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Wiper Joy

Small, compact and safe. The Wiper Joy robot is fully automatic and rotates around itself to easily manage slopes of up to 45%.

You will be amazed by the agility and excellent performance of the Wiper Joy's unique design and advanced software. It can manage gardens from 600sqm to 2200sqm in complete autonomy.

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Wiper Runner

A line conceived for medium and large sized areas.

All models are fully automatic, recharge themselves, can manage slopes up to 45% and covering areas up to 3000sqm (Wiper HKH).

The Wiper Runner is highly performing thanks to the on board lithium batteries, the best in terms of duration and power. The Wiper Runner is one of the best as far as reliability and performance.

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Wiper mower product overview
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